Welcome to my dicontinued blog. I have now, 2014,
moved on to other platforms, more well suited
for me and my work.
Think of this blog as a way to go down memory lane,
with pictures drawings and thoughts many years old.

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An unexpected adventure drawing

A few days ago I went out to the park to get some inspiration. As I sat there in the sun, drawing, this kid came by. Before long we started collaborating in this huge adventure drawing. I was making the knight with the dragon spiked spear and my collaborator was making the red dragon.
I followed up with an elf princess and a jester magician, but against the monster with golden spikes they had no chance. From the mountain halls a dwarf joined the fight, but the red dragon had no problem handling him too. Then, smashing all hope, the flying golden monster showed up. The knight called out to the eagle and the fairy, but the odds were too great.
The boy, with his dragon pack, was victorious. After all that fun, he got the drawing but I took a picture of it. Here it is.