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Egypt's Nasser

Since I posted the Capitalists I have been toying with how I would continue the series. What political trios from the twentieth century would suit the concept?

One idea I find tempting is drawing the Arabs including Nasser, Arafat and possibly a young Ghaddafi or Saddam Hussein. That leads inevitably to The Israelis with Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir and Yitzhak Rabin. Another trail would be Democratic Martyrs with Iran's Mossadeq, Chile's Allende and I guess South Africa's Mandela (or Olof Palme). Germany could be West's Adenauer and Willy Brandt and DDR's Ulbricht and Honecker.

But for now, I can only give you Egypt's national father figure and the father of Pan-Arabism: Gamal Abdel Nasser, in glowing RGB and rich CMYK.


Jag gjorde den första rödvinsdrickaren som en ploj, som satir över illustratörers sätt att teckna. Men sen blev det allt för underhållande att rita.


Jag har jobbat monokromt i RGB-kanalerna och sen lagt ihop dem. Hate it or love it the under fox's on top.

Här är densamma i CMYK.